Testequipment at SM4TZZ

Last updated: 2016 07 31

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The newest instrument in the lab, a UNI-T 2025A, Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 1uHz - 25 MHz.

A nice RF-millivoltmeter made by R&S, working from 10kHz to 2GHz.
Voltage range from 0,7mV to 1000V and level range from -50dBm to +73dBm.

A noise generator made by R&S. General-purpose generator for white
pink, triangular and audio-spectrum noise in a range of 20Hz to 50MHz.

The state of art of multimeters ... LOL !

A new item, trace shown a messaured zenerdiod.

You need a reliable signal source,witch can be trusted, like this IFR 2023A.

An spec is usable in the lab, this one is made by HP.

A great accessory, SWR-bridge to the spectrum analyzer.

A nice little frequencecounter from the big land in east ...

What is a lab without an oscilloscope, this Tektronix 2247A works just great.

More to come!

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