23cm projects

Last updated: 2018 11 29

Pictures from building the new 23cm station.
I intend to use a Kenwood TS-711 as if-station.
The Pa and controlboard is supplied from W6PQL, Jim,
and the x-verter and drivingstage from SM4DHN, Lars-Bertil.

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The transverter in itīs enclosure.

New updated version of the X-verter and 10 watt Pa.

Inside the new 10 watt Pa-box.

The Pa-box whit connectors

The Pa-box is begin to take shape

Drilled and taped

Prepared for drilling.

Pa-control board completed

Pa-kit (10 to 150W)

Driver stage (100mW to 10W)

X-verter (144 to 1296 MHz)

The "tower" with the 8,3 feet 23cm-parabola, D&B SM4DHN.

More to come!

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